SMS Arc allows you to manage your contacts and send Bulk SMS to groups of contacts that you create. All bulk sms are delivered instantly, with real time status updates available for you to see the message status. You can create your account and begin building your recipient lists for free. You will be billed only for the exact number of messages you send, starting at $0.0005 per SMS.

International Bulk SMS with instant delivery.

How to Send Bulk SMS in Seconds

Read our quick start guide to help you learn how to send bulk sms from your computer or mobile device in seconds. Or dive right in and get started sending messages.

Start Sending Bulk SMS

Send Bulk SMS

Sending Bulk SMS with our platform is easy. Just select your audience and number to send the message. You can type up to 160 characters per message, which will send to all of the numbers in your audience list.

Here is how to send bulk sms with SMS Arc:

Choose a Number for Sending Bulk SMS

In order to send text messages in bulk, you need to activate a number with SMS Arc. This is the number that will appear to all recipients of your bulk sms messages. Our platform allows you to browse and instantly activate local phone numbers and toll free numbers around the world.

Search for toll free numbers around the world and activate one in a region of your choice for $2.00 USD per month. You will continue to be billed monthly for each number that you activate until you release them or your account balance becomes insufficient to renew the numbers in your account.

Activating a number with SMS Arc has a few benefits that you might find useful outside of sending Bulk SMS.

  • Activate numbers instantly.
  • Forward Calls and SMS
  • Optional Caller ID
  • Pay as You Go: You are billed only for what you use.

Activate Virtual Numbers

Sending SMS to Multiple People

Before you can send a bulk sms, you need to create an audience. These are a list of phone numbers that you have permission to send messages to. You can create as many audiences as you need, and can give them a nickname to help identify them later. You can manage the phone numbers / recipients in each audience individually.

Audiences allow you to easily send different messages to different groups of people on the fly.

Send SMS to Multiple People

Send Bulk SMS Online

Once you have prepared your list of recipients, you are ready to send your bulk sms using our online platform. This lets you communicate with your audiences from any mobile device or web browser.

You can type any message up to 160 characters to send to all of the recipients in the audience you select. If you need to communicate with multiple groups of people at once, you will need to create a new audience or send a bulk SMS to each group.

When you press send on your bulk sms, our platform will prepare your recipients and perform some final checks. This typically takes under a minute, at which point we will begin processing and delivering your message to each mobile number in your selected audience.

Bulk SMS Tool

Cheap Bulk SMS Pricing

We have worked to provide competitive pricing for all outbound SMS, perfect for sending cheap bulk SMS. When you are sending text messages with SMS Arc, you can be confident with our pay per use pricing. This means you are charged for your exact use only, without any hidden fees.

When you are sending a high volume of sms in bulk with our platform, we provide automatic discounts with reduced cost to send each SMS. Learn more about high volume discounts below.

  • 1 Costs are subject to additional carrier fees calculated upon transmission.
  • 2 All text messages are charged per 160 character segment.

Bulk SMS and Text Messaging FAQ

If you have questions about sending Bulk SMS with our platform we are ready to help. Contact support or take a look at our frequently asked questions about sending text messages in bulk.

What are Bulk SMS tools used for?

Bulk SMS tools provide a variety of purposes ranging from sending alerts and notifications, to connecting with customers regarding last minute sales or changes to schedules. Bulk SMS tools can help you send any message you want to large groups of people in real time with instant delivery.

How long does it take to send Bulk SMS?

All messages are sent instantly. We perform a final check after you prepare your message, but a moment later your message will begin to send. However each number on our system is only capable of sending one text message per second.

SMS Arc will automatially shedule your Bulk SMS messages to follow our limit of 3,600 SMS per hour. Please schedule your SMS campaigns with this in mind or contact us if you need a higher limit.

How much does Bulk SMS cost?

The cost of sending your bulk sms will depend on the size of your audience and number of recipients. With SMS Arc, you are billed only for the messages you send. We offer competitive pricing which starts at $0.0005 per message sent to a recipient.

We automatially calculate any additional carrier fees at the time of the message being sent. You can learn more about our pricing breakdown.

How many Bulk text messages can I send?

You can send as many bulk text messages as you need for your business or operation. We do not limit the number of text messages or recipients that you can send to.

Can I see the status of sent messages?

Yes. We allow you to view progress of each of the messages you send on our platform. We allow you to see which messages have been sent in real time, including timestamps for later reference. For large campaigns, this allows you to monitor delivery as your recipients recive your bulk sms.