SMS Arc provides a simple way to send SMS with Python while allowing you to integrate text messages into your projects or send SMS alerts quickly.

Send SMS using Python with one line of code!

After adding our plug and play code, you can easily send a text message in Python with the following: python requests.get() will send a message to the number you specify. This allows you to control the message you are sending, and to choose the FROM phone number attached to the message.

Send SMS with Python

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Python SMS API Parameters

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Send SMS From Your Python Project

Now that you know how to send a text message using Python, you can integrate SMS into your next Python project and build new features involving real-time SMS. Before you can get started you need to create an account and choose a number to send text messages from.

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What Number does Python display to recipients?

When you send a text message with Python, the message will display the number you have selected in your SMS Arc account. SMS Arc provides you with thousands of numbers to choose from. You can activate any number, and even choose a number in a specific area or region. Activating a number with SMS Arc is instant, and the number you choose will be the number associated to any SMS messages that you send with PHP.

Need more than one number?
SMS Arc allows you to activate as many local or toll-free numbers as your python project needs.

Still have questions?

How To Send SMS with Python

We have a list of frequently asked questions below to help you get started sending text messages with Python. Click on one of the questions below to find the answer.

Do I need do install anything?

You do not need any special software to send SMS with Python.

SMS Arc handles all of the heavy lifting, and sends the SMS for you. Using our API you send us the destination number and message to send using Python. With our API, we help you to instantly deliver SMS across the globe.

How Fast can Python send SMS?

You can send one SMS per second using Python with the SMS Arc API. Messages sent during this cooldown will be rejected. Please be sure you use Python time.sleep(1) between messages if you are sending multiple text messages.

What is the longest text message Python can send?

The longest message that can be sent is 160 characters. However, if you send us a longer message we will automatically split it up for you into multiple messages.

Can I send MMS with Python?

Of course. However the media you include must be hosted on a valid and web accessible URL. You can provide the SMS Arc API with any valid http or https URL of any JPG, PNG or GIF. We will attach this to any message to send a MMS with Python.

How do I perform a Carrier Lookup with Python?

SMS Arc will automatically manage all of the difficulty with handling carrier support and SMS deliverability. Save time, and steps with our API!