SMS Arc allows you to instantly activate numbers all over the world and forward received SMS messages to your mobile number. You can choose any number you want, and then choose the number to forward SMS to. This allows you to keep your number private, while receiving SMS from a publically posted number.

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Here is how SMS forwarding works:

Activate a Number

Search for numbers around the world and activate a number of your choice for $2.00 USD. You will continue to be billed monthly for each active number until you release them or your account balance becomes insufficient to renew the number.

  • Activate new numbers instantly.
  • Forward SMS and Calls
  • Optional Caller ID
  • Pay Per Use Billing

Activate New Numbers Online

Note that Toll-Free numbers are only able to support SMS messages and are unable to forward MMS messages.

Setup SMS Forwarding

After activating a new number with SMS Arc, you can choose your preferences. To enable SMS forwarding, you will need to select the Receive on Your Mobile Phone option under the SMS Receiving Capability area.

When SMS forwarding is selected you will be asked to provide the phone number to receive all of the SMS messages received by your new number.

Setup SMS Forwarding

SMS Forwarding Pay Per Use

After your monthly activation fee for each number, you will only be charged for your actual usage. When you use SMS Arc to handle SMS Forwarding and Toll-Free forwarding, you only pay for what you use. We even offer automatic pricing discounts for high volume users.

  • 1 Costs are subject to additional carrier fees calculated upon transmission.
  • 2 Text messages are charged per 160 character segment.

SMS Forwarding FAQ

If you have questions about setting up SMS forwarding with SMS Arc, we are ready to help. Contact support or take a look at our frequently asked questions about forwarding SMS.

What is SMS forwarding used for?

SMS forwarding can be used to protect your number from third parties while still allowing you to verify your number and receive security codes. You can also share your new number on social media and allow you to receive SMS while protecting the privacy of your own personal number. Remember that you will be charged for all usage, which means that publically sharing your number has a cost.

You can use SMS Forwarding for a variety of purposes including customer management, protecting your privacy, or for your own projects. There are many possible uses for text message forwarding. Let us know what you are using it for!

How long does it take to activate a number?

All phone numbers are activated instantly. You can configure and begin receiving forwarding SMS within moments of creating your free account.

How much does SMS Forwarding cost?

You will only be charged for your actual usage, meaning that each SMS forwarded will have a starting cost of $0.0005 per segment before carrier fees. Messages over 160 characters will be split up automatically and count as multiple segments.

To avoid further charges associated to SMS Forwarding, you can disable SMS capabilities within the number configuration page. When you set the SMS settings of the number to Disable SMS or Sending Only all incoming SMS will be blocked and no further charges will be incurred. If you are receiving unsolicited SMS, you can release the number and activate a new number.

How many numbers can I activate?

You can activate as many numbers as you require for your project. Each number can be configured independently, allowing you to setup numbers for a different purposes or in different geographical areas.