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Our platform allows you to send international Bulk SMS to thousands of contacts instantly. After providing your list of recipients, you can type any message you want and submit to send a bulk sms using pc or any other mobile device.

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SMS Arc allows you to begin sending promotional text messages for your business within minutes. If you are ready to start connecting with your customers by text message, take a look at the process found below.

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Create a free SMS Arc account using your PC or mobile device to start sending bulk SMS.

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Import your phone numbers for your customers and even sort them into groups for easier management.

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You are ready to begin connecting with your customers using text messages. All SMS are sent instantly with real time delivery reports available.

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Pay as You Go Marketing SMS Service

Send Text Messages in Bulk

SMS Arc allows you to manage your own mass SMS and promotional text message marketing with an interface that lets you manage your recipients, and only bills you for what you send.

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Bulk Pricing

Sends between 2,200 and 11,000 Bulk SMS

SMS Marketing Service

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS is a great solution for improving the efficiency of your business.
With Bulk SMS you are able to contact your staff or mobile workforce at once ensuring they all receive the same important messages promptly or contact your clientele about important information regarding your products or services.

Bulk SMS can also be used to market your business. Flyers, promotional information, or coupons can all be sent to your customers in a few quick steps. You are also able to send out surveys allowing you to gather critical feedback on your business.

Reasons to Use SMS Marketing

Still wondering if sending promotional SMS messages is right for your business? We have answered many of the frequently asked questions and also provided some recent statistics relating to SMS marketing. Check them out below!

What businesses should send SMS?

There are few businesses that won't benefit from promotional SMS or mass text messages used to send notification updates and announcements.

  • If a school needs to close for a snow day, they can effectively communicate this by sending a bulk text message to all students and let them know about the closure.
  • If there is a flash sale or a limited time promotion, businesses can send a mass text message to let their customers know about the event.

With so many reasons to send bulk text messages, our platform has been built with versatility in mind to meet your needs.

You can use our bulk messaging tool from any device, and manage your recipients using nicknames you assign. Monitor delivery of your promotional text messages with realtime reporting from your mobile phone.

How Do I get started?

Getting started is simple, start by figuring out who you want to text and what message you want to send. You also choose when the message goes out so you have full control of what goes out from your account. When you are ready, launch your text messages and we take care of the rest.

What happens when someone gets my message?

The person receiving your text message will receive it like any other message. Depending on their device and how their messaging platforms are set up, they will only have to open it to read your message. If a message goes to an out of service number, we'll let you know!

Will my recipients be able to get back to me?

Of course! Your recipients can respond to you like they would if it were any other contact getting a hold of them. You can configure your preferred way to receive responses, such as forwarding them to email or your own personal mobile phone.

What number will show up to my recipients?

We let you browse and select numbers all of the world to use as your virtual number for sending Bulk SMS. You can activate as many phone numbers as you need, to keep your promotional SMS campaigns organized. You can even choose a local or toll free number, and enable a variety of other features for each number.

Can I Send Multiple MMS messages at once?

Absolutely! If you are running a marketing campaign that requires attached images, you can send multiple MMS messages so that all your recipients receive the same text and attachments as everyone else.

Do I get charged for messages that fail to send?

No, our platform will only charge for the text messages that complete delivery. If for whatever reason one text message fails to send, that credit will remain yours. We only charge for what sends. If one or few of the contacts on your send list are inactive or cancelled numbers, we'll let you know. Your message receipts are viewable in the sent messages section of our bulk sms tool.

How fast are Bulk SMS sent?

All of the messages you send through SMS Arc are sent right away. We support hundreds of carriers world wide, so you can be confident your message will be delivered reliably on schedule. With our bulk sms tool we will send up to 3,600 sms an hour. We will continue sending SMS after that automatically so you don’t have to worry about revisiting your SMS campaign. Send as many messages as you want with just one click!

How many Bulk SMS can I send?

You can send as many bulk text messages to as many recipients as you need. You will be billed for your exact usage only, allowing SMS Arc to work for businesses of all sizes. Our platform has a minimum deposit of $10.00 USD with a 14 day gaurantee to help you get started risk-free. Simply add the desired amount of funds to your account to continue sending bulk sms. This can be done in the billing area of your account page.

Streamline Customer Communication

Take advantage of promotional sms and status alerts using the Bulk SMS tool. Begin managing your marketing needs by allowing your business to thrive and reach millions of users around the world. With the Bulk SMS tool, you will be able to send thousands of text messages instantly with optional mms attachments. Effectively manage your marketing needs using the extended reach to optimize your client turnover rate and minimize the effort needed to do so. Start today.

Improve Your Marketing Reach

Start building dynamic communication channels for your business through promotional text messages. SMS Arc allows you to intuitively draft text messages and send them internationally to reach your clients on a grand scale, strengthen your client relation, and provide an accessible platform for you to connect with the world at large. Maximize the scope of your communication channels by sending bulk sms to thousands of clients internationally using pc or any mobile device.

Easy to use communication lines

SMS Arc utilizes established messaging technologies through its links with large communication channels to ensure fast effective service on the end of the user. Using a secure and reliable technological platform, SMS Arc is able to create the bridge between you and access to a diverse selection of people around the world. This process begins when you are ready to start sending promotional texts for your business. Take a look at the process found below.

Expand your reach instantaneously

With full autonomy, SMS Arc allows you to manage and direct your flow of mass sms and promotional text message marketing using a highly intuitive, complete, and personally developed user interface. Manage your recipients, build your campaigns and edit your promotions. Find everything you need to manage a successful marketing campaign all in one place using SMS Arc. Start using our Bulk SMS tool today and learn what works for you with simple pay as you go billing.

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