Our SMS Service

How much does SMS Arc cost?

SMS Arc has a usage based cost. You will only be charged for your actual usage of our services. You can get started quickly and only spend as much as you need.

Our standard rates begin at $0.0090 per message, and scale for volume users as low as $0.0018 per message. Click here for a pricing breakdown.

How do I get started?

You can create your SMS Arc account for free. This will help you review your API credentials, and configure your setups.


View SMS API Documentation
What languages are supported?

We provide a flexible API endpoint that supports POST and GET. We provide code samples for popular languages such as PHP and Python. However, you can use any language that you are comfortable with using our flexible SMS API endpoint.

Can I receive text messages with the SMS API?

Yes. For each number you register, you can specify a POST URL. Whenever your number receives a message, we will send the data to the URL you specify.

You can also have our SMS API forward any received SMS to your personal mobile phone, or to an email address that you specify.

SMS Captcha

View SMS Captcha Setup Guide
What is SMS Captcha for?

Our SMS Captcha helps to eliminate spam by verifying the mobile number of users submitting forms on your website.

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How do I add SMS Captcha to my website?

You can follow our quick setup guidequick setup guide or download our code sample to get started quickly.


What is my account balance used for?

Account balances are used to handle all transactions within your account, including the cost of each SMS or monthly phone number reservation. All usage fees and monthly costs will be deducted from your account balance.

How will I know if my balance is running low?

We send email notifications to all users when their account balance falls below $5.00 and again when their balance reaches $0.00

How can I update my account balance?

Your account balance can be updated at any time from the billing area of our platform. Simply choose the amount you would like to add, and select your payment method to continue.

What payment methods can I use?

At the current time, SMS Arc supports both Paypal and direct Credit Card payments handled by Stripe. These payment processors support a wide variety of users, and allow us to instantly update your balance after payment.

What is the minimum deposit?

$10.00 USD is the minimum deposit required to increase your account balance. You can instantly add any amount up to $5000.00 USD through our billing platforms. For larger deposits, please contact us at support@smsarc.com

Billing Taxation

SMS Arc is required to collect taxes from transactions made by customers from many different jurisdictions throughout the world. As applicable, we will collect the appropriate taxes for the previous month at the beginning of each month.

Questions about SMS Arc?

Reach out for answers!

You can submit a ticket or review our documentation and frequently asked questions to help get started with SMS Arc.