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Eliminate Spam With SMS

Never get a spam email again after you add one line of code from SMS ARC. With our simple integration, you can prevent spam submissions from happening on your website. Secure your forms, registration pages and any other areas of your website.

Captcha Features
Stop Battling Spam
One Easy Solution
  • Plug & Play CDN Integration
  • 1 Line of Code. Publish in 1 Minute
  • Replaces Google Recaptcha
SMS Captcha
Captcha Features
Enhance Your Security
Prevent automated submissions and access
  • Block Spam
  • Prevent Fake Emails
  • Limit Bad Actors
Prevent Spam with SMS
Captcha Features
Secure Anything
Verify User Activity
  • Contact Forms
  • Newsletter Submissions
  • Application Signups
Verify Mobile Devices
Protect Your Website With

SMS Captcha

Protect your website from spam and automated software submissions. You can add SMS Captcha and eliminate spam with only a few lines of code.

Confirm every submission is a human with SMS Arc mobile verification.

SMS Arc Captcha
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SMS Captcha Explained

SMS Captcha is an integrated security feature that protects you and your contacts from spam messages. It works via a two step process. First, the user will begin by entering their phone number into the indicated field. This field is triggered by a time delay so bots cannot automatically fill out the field as soon as the page is loaded. Once the field is filled out and sent, an sms message containing a verification code will be sent to your phone. By this time, the page will have reloaded and there will be an indicated field for the verification code to be input. The second step is to fill the code into its field. To surpass the captcha, the verification code entered in the field must match the one sent to your phone. This will allow the captcha to register the correct code and allow the rest of the form to submit. Once the form is submitted you will be redirected into your account profile.

An SMS Captcha is one of many custom security features employed by SMS Arc to keep your data safe from attacks. Captchas prevent malicious software from accessing and performing actions on your website. As well, this prevents SMS ARC from being overwhelmed with fake accounts created automatically which can later be used to send spam out in the future. By using the captcha you are establishing yourself as a genuine human account. The SMS Captcha is just one of many new innovative ways SMS ARC continues to lead in providing unique industry specific security features and uphold the commitment to offer valued users firm and transparent security. Using Captchas allows us to define a clear line between user and software. In turn, this allows us to identify and further develop services to cater to the user’s need and therefore create a better user experience all around.

Our SMS Captcha is designed with the intended goal of creating a comprehensive online experience for the user. When SMS Arc is able to establish a connection to a real human behind the operated account, we can then understand with confidence that our product and services are being used for their intended purposes. From there with the use of extensive analytical and diagnostic processes we are able to further customize a better user experience.

SMS Captchas are intended for audiences with mobile devices available, such as B2B form submissions or newsletters. SMS Captcha cannot/will not allow a user to submit a form without verifying their mobile device. The SMS captcha code can be used on requested from any device, including but not limited to: computer, laptop, or tablet. However the code will be sent to a valid mobile phone number, requiring the submitting user to have access to their mobile device. SMS Arc can not be held liable for any loss of information or damages incurred as a result of its use on any platform.